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Our small patent law group is committed to protecting your most valuable intellectual property assets

In a rapidly expanding globalized market, the need for acquiring a patent has never been so important. Patents protect the valuable ideas and investments of inventors, entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes by giving them the exclusive right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling their invention.

The seasoned attorneys of the Attentive Law Group, PLLC are deeply committed to protecting and enforcing your novel ideas. Our firm has successfully prosecuted numerous patents in the areas of software, mobile apps, consumer products, medical technologies, mechanical devices, and electrical devices. With extensive backgrounds in patent law, our attorneys can assist you with all your patent needs, including but not limited to, preparing and prosecuting US and PCT patent applications; drafting patent clearance, freedom to operate, validity/invalidity and novelty opinions; conducting patent searches; drafting patent licensing and sale agreements; and conducting patent due diligence and portfolio reviews.

Let us assist you with protecting your inventions and maximizing the value your patent can provide your business.


Attentive Law's patent services are taylored to your business and include patent application preparation, prosecution or representation before the United States Patent & Trademark Office, patent strategy counseling, patent licensing, patent opinions, patent searches on novelty and clearance, and IP portfolio monetization.

We specialize in the preparation and processing of patent applications in software, electrical, mechanical, and consumer products and technologies. We also provide consulting services for companies desiring assistance in establishing a patent program but cannot justify a full time patent attorney or patent agent. 

Attentive Law was formed in 2005 by Paul Ratcliffe.  Paul is a registered patent attorney with an advanced degree in engineering and over 15 years of experience as a patent attorney.  Paul is also an adjunct law professor teaching IP transactions at Catholic University, Columbus School of Law.

We are located in Ashburn, Virginia which is a short drive to the United States Patent & Trademark Office and close to Dulles International Airport.  We service major corporate clients and legal clients throughout the U.S. 



The cost to prepare, file and/or prosecute a patent application varies greatly depending on the exact nature of the invention. During our initial free 30 minute consultation, we typically can provide a better estimate of legal fees as we get a better understanding of your invention.  In most circumstances, we require that 67% of our fees are paid in advance before we begin work. The remaining 33% (plus any United States Patent Office filing fees) will be collected before the patent application is filed. For a patent search and patentability analysis, we do require the entire fee upfront. Please find below our patent services and an approximation of its corresponding time and costs:

Activity Cost Estimate / Range*
Preparing and Filing a US Utility Patent Application in Software related art $12K to $15K
Filing of US Continuation Application $2K to $4K
Filing of an IDS $300
Response to a Restriction/Election Office Action $1K to $2K
Response to an Office Action $3K to $5K (w/out 101 rejection) $3K-$6k (w/101 rejection)
Examiner Interview – as part of preparing a Response (incl. Agenda preparation) Additional $1K - $3K
Filing RCE with minimal Response updates $1K-$2K
Filing RCE with new Response See Response rates
Claim Pyramid $2K to $3K
312 Amendment $1K to $2K
Final Review and Pay Issue Fee $500
Filing of an Assignment $250
* These estimates do not include USPTO fees and actual fees may vary depending upon the complexity of the matter and requests by client.

Your Patent Law Team

  • Paul Ratcliffe, ESQ.
    Paul Ratcliffe, ESQ.


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